By: Blonde One


Despite plastic getting a bit of a bad press at the moment there are some things made of plastic that are brilliant! The map romer scale grid reference tool from Shaven Raspberry is one such piece of plastic. Shaven Raspberry very kindly sent one for us to try and it’s one of those gadgets that so simple that it’s brilliant! Basically it’s a card that lies over a kilometre square on a map to enable you to accurate gauge a 6 figure grid reference. It shows you the lines which divide the square into 10 making it simple to change the 4 figure grid reference to 6. Mostly I do it by guesswork but using this square is a much more precise way of ensuring accurate micro-navigation. It has proved invaluable when I’m at school teaching DofE newbies the basics of map reading.

It’s too late for this year’s Christmas list but at £2.99 it won’t break the bank.