By: Blonde One


One of my favourite Christmas surprises this year was my Victorinox pen knife from my very lovely brother. It has already been useful as Blonde Two and I went up to the Dartmoor Christmas Tree to remove the decorations and tidy up. The ribbons and ornaments have to be tied on to the branches quite tightly due to the Dartmoor winds, so the knife was the perfect thing. I’m sure it will be used many times in the future for some important tasks.

There is also a sillier side to the penknife’s uses (obviously):

The tweezers could remove a pesky tick or they could be used to pluck those unruly eyebrows in the event of a film crew turning up unannounced!

The bottle opener … well that’s obvious … Jail Ale for a Blonde wild camp.

The screwdriver could be a lifeline for carrying out running vehicle repairs (if you see two blondes with their heads under the bonnet please stop and rescue us), or it could be used to open that packet of Jelly Babies that won’t open with gloved hands.

The blade seems to be the perfect size for slicing chorizo and manchego on a posh picnic.


All in all the penknife is going to be very busy, either rescuing us from something serious or helping us to have fun. Thanks J.