By: Blonde One

A visit to the small village of Goathland contained much more that we had imagined. Mr Blonde One and I, and some friends, visited this village while we were staying in North Yorkshire. It sits just on the edge of the North York moors and is home to two very spectacular waterfalls, a TV series, a Scarecrow Festival and a very lovely pub! We did a little 5km loop with the intention of visiting the waterfalls. Little did we know that this place would be so lovely! The Mallyan Spout and Thomason Foss waterfalls are both very picturesque and attracted many swimmers and selfies.

The route was well marked and mostly easy going, although the slog up the final hill was a bit of a killer. It was a hot day when we went and we figured that a waterfall walk might well be a bit cooler. Luckily at the end of our route there was a fabulous pub serving nicely cool white wine. It was obviously a safety issue that made us stop and have a drink!

Close to the amply sized car park are a few gift shops and a Post Office. It was only as we stopped for an ice cream (again, purely for safety reasons) that we discovered that the village of Goathland has an alter-ego. It was used as the setting for the TV series Hearbeat, filmed in the 90s. Aidensfield, as it was called, was the  home of the central Policeman character played by Nick Berry.


What started as being just a short walk to fill a morning, turned out to be a fantastic day with loads more on offer than we expected.