By: Blonde Two

Elberry Cove was one of Agatha Christie’s favourite beaches and, when you visit,  it isn’t hard to see why she would have loved its steeply pebbled beach, the banks of trees that almost touch the sea and the particularly bright shade of aqua-marine blue water that Elberry seems to produce even in the depths of winter.

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A trip to Elberry can either be a short stroll over the cliff tops from Broadsands (just about long enough to eat an ice cream) or an amble through the woods from Brixham (5km from the Breakwater). If you start at Broadsands you will have the lovely feeling of leaving a bustling (and usually very happy) family beach behind and if you start from Brixham you will enjoy some beautiful, wooded coastline.

In the summer Elberry Cove can be a tad noisy because it has a water ski lane (usually occupied by that scourge of the sea swimmer – the jet ski) but swimming there is still available outside the ski lane and is to be recommended because of the clarity of the water and the opportunity for underwater rock exploration that it presents. I have yet to swim back round to Broadsands from Elberry but am looking forward to it once I have kitted myself out with a wetsuit (protection against jellyfish rather than cold!)

From sandy stretches to rocky coves, Torbay has such a wide range of beaches that its coast path really is worth a bit of exploration. Whether you do this on foot or by sea is entirely up to you!