By: Blonde Two

Have you ever planned a walk, understanding the significant basics such as direction, distance and pubs but failed to take in details such as height gain and known landmarks along the way? Well I have now. I am usually known for my detailed research but when this family walk occurred we were on the second leg of a recent camper van trip and most of my planning skills had already been absorbed into getting our house ready to lend to friends then supporting Mr B2 on his C2C challenge.

Which is how Mr B2, Six-Foot-Blonde and I ended up being (mostly pleasantly) surprised by several aspects of our walk along a section of Hadrian’s Wall. I charmed the guys into accompanying me by pointing out that we could see the Wall from our campsite, and that the walk included a rather convenient craft beer sampling opportunity. Here however are the things I failed to plan/mention:

  • We were camping immediately below the highest section of Hadrian’s Wall (Winshield Craggs)
  • Highest points inevitably have stiff walks up to them (this one also had a bog and a trig point)
  • Walking along Hadrian’s Wall is a bit like climbing several Dartmoor Tors, each straight after the other
  • It can be baking hot in Northumberland
  • There was no permissible access to the Lough I had planned for us to swim in
  • Sycamore Gap, made famous by Mr Kevin Costner Robin Hood, was on our route
  • There were no loos available (bush or porcelain) for the whole afternoon

Despite me Maid Merryone struggling to keep up with Long Shanks (Six-Foot-Blonde) and Quick Feet (Mr B2) we did have a lovely afternoon and did eventually find our craft beer (completely delicious). My half pint added to my loo issue but you will be glad to know I made it back the campsite on time.

By the way, I have discovered my new favourite Ordnance Survey map symbol, can you spot it?