By: Blonde One

This weekend, as you know, has been a free weekend in terms of expeditions for us Blondes. For the first time in ages we have been able to spend the whole time with our families! I think they had forgotten what we looked like a bit! It’s been lovely to pretend that we didn’t have hobbies that involved other peoples kids, mud and hot Ribena!

Having said all of that, upon reflection, I did spend a great deal of the weekend involved in expedition preparation! On Saturday I dragged Mr Blonde One up to do a quick survey of wild camp sites for our upcoming silver DofE. To be fair, he was enthusiastic and didn’t mind at all. Saturday afternoon was spent e-mailing other DofE leaders asking for advice on Green Forms. Sunday afternoon was spent making plans and final preparations for the silver practice expedition next weekend. So, I think that instead of the Two Blondes saying they have a weekend off, we should actually say that we have a planning and preparation weekend.

It’s a very good job we love it, isn’t it?!