By: Blonde One

It is good to know that the Two Blondes telepathy is still working well; we have written similar blog posts about our Ten 9Tors trip on Saturday. However, I do not apologise for the tautology. The things we are both saying are worth saying several times!

I had the pleasure of spending the day with Blonde Two, Little Miss Blonde and 2 others who were helping rather than training for a place in the team. By the end of the day I was working with 4 members of staff. The 3 (we’ll call them Young Leaders although not all of them are strictly that) Young Leaders were a pleasure to work with and the day would have taken various different turns if it wasn’t for their expertise. Little Miss Blonde proved invaluable with her swift evacuation contingency plan (although thankfully this wasn’t needed in the end).

One Young Leader (his official ‘Blonde’ name Is Young Leader J), who we always knew was a great Young Leader, stepped up to some tricky events and proved to us all that he was more than worthy of being included in the collective noun: ‘staff’. It was a pleasure to see him in action, working with youngsters who benefitted hugely from his wealth of experience and knowledge.

Like Blonde Two said in her Sunday post, I hope that one day he will read this, although I have a sneaky suspicion that he already is. So … to test my theory I want to do a little experiment. If you are reading this Young Leader J, say the word ‘oranges’ next time you see me!

I’ll let you know how the experiment goes!