By: Blonde One

Last weekend was a very exciting annual event for Blonde One. It was the best beer festival in Devon: Abbfest. This event is eagerly awaited every year and all other events are cancelled to ensure attendance. The only time in recent years that I had to miss it was to do my WGL training: most inconvenient!

As I was supping some most splendid Devon ale it struck me how similar this event is to Ten Tors. Here’s why:

1. There are portaloos. This is a regrettable similarity.

2. It smells a bit of canvas and grass (if you can ignore the boozy smell).

3. There are lots of (older) teenagers who are Ten Tors veterans in attendance both from my teams and others (including Little Miss and Little Mr Blonde).

4. I met up with various Ten Tors Managers who I don’t usually see except on the moors.

5. Dartmoor was represented very well by the Dartmoor Brewery. Unfortunately the Jail Ale had sold out by the time I got there but their Legend was indeed legend.

6. The fabulous Foxtor Café was even there in the form of sponsorship of the Legend barrel and the owner Dave in attendance.

7. Last but not least the Two Blondes were there (only one of us in person) as I spotted a barrel full of Cheeky Blonde beer. The label refers to the fact that it was empty, not the state of me!


Luckily, I could walk away from this event and unlike Ten Tors I didn’t have to strike any tents or clear up any teenager mess!