By: Blonde Two

I really am sorry to be going on so much about my packing, but we Blondes do like to get the rucksack thing exactly right.

So, yesterday, I decided to take the bigger of my two rucksacks (see, girls don’t all have millions of handbags!) and gave you a list of what I was intending to pack.DSC_3331

I am pleased to announce that (before food but with water), my bag weights 21lbs which is exactly the same as the last time I weighed my day sack on a Ten Tors day. This means that I must have done something right. What I am worrying about now is whether I have been too fierce with the “not-taking”. Here is a list of what I have left behind:

1. My slippers (this is very sad as they love an expedition).
2. My extra fleece (risky I know but have gone for the down jacket as a replacement).
3. My pillow (am already crying at the thought of sleeping without it.)
4. My third torch (two plus batteries is probably enough).
5. My spare buff.
6. My spare laces (paracord will double up).
7. My mascara (this could be a disaster waiting to happen).
8. My stove (don’t panic, Running-Girl will have her’s).
9. The water in my water bottle (have a camelback and puri-tabs).

10. Blonde One. (I can’t remember the last time I went on an expedition without her. Running-Girl is equally lovely, but all the same, this does feel a bit weird. Like going to the shops without your Mum and Dad for the first time).