By: Blonde Two

I was discussing age with a friend recently.  I know that it is neither ladylike nor Blondelike to do so but birthdays do bring such considerations to the fore.  One of the nice things about having a blog identity is that you can be any age that you want to be or maybe any age that your readers want you to be.

Maybe there are some Blondees and Blondettes out there who would like us to be “Strawberry Blondes”, in our twenties, blonde hair luscious, legs brown and endless energy.  Others may prefer “Bombeshell Blondes”, just old enough to dish out humorous advice but still with enough vigour to entertain and attract.  “Platinum Blondes” are a little bit older again, they offer friendship, laughter and twinkling eyes; who could resist?

As long as you keep on reading and keep on walking with us, we won’t object to being any age you choose.  I have had it pointed out to me recently that age is of no account. Sometimes wisdom comes from the young, sometimes attraction is towards the older. The good news for you guys is that if we are ageless, then you must be too!