By: Blonde One

This year the Two Blondes have selfishly decided to do a few expeditions without young people! We will probably miss them a lot and spend most of the time talking about them though. We are going to do our DofE Diamond Challenge. (See for more detailed info.) The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is 60 years old this year and there are all sorts of things planned (including a trip to Buckingham Palace for me and other DofE Managers). We were determined to do our bit to raise the profile even more, raise money and support a cause that is so very very important to the young people that we work with, Little Miss Blonde and every 14-25 year old across the country.

LUCYS - WIN_20160130_211327

After much thought and deliberation we have come to a decision about our challenge …

Blonde One and Blonde Two are going to do a Bronze, Silver and Gold (style) expedition through the summer. A normal DofE expedition has to fulfil 20 conditions to be successful; the reason that our expeditions are only in the style of an actual one is that we will break some of those conditions. For instance, despite how we feel, we are actually too old! We will also not be in a team of between 4 and 7. So our trips will be adapted.

Our first expedition, on Dartmoor of course, is our Silver. We will be trekking for 3 days and camping for 2 nights in April. Our second is in June: our 2 day Bronze will be in our local area and hopefully there will be a little twist to this one. You’ll have to wait for more details until another day though. The last expedition is 4 days in July/August and is our Gold in the Peak District (probably).

Each DofE expedition has to have an aim and we have seen some really good ones from our youngsters. We’ve had a ‘Where’s Wally?’, 20 sports, selfies with animals, and lots more interesting and clever ones. So here’s where you, dear readers, come in. What should we do for our aim? It has to be detailed enough to fill several hours each day and preferably something that we can take pictures of to show you all. Please, nothing too tricky though! We promise to consider every suggestion.

In the meantime, while you are pondering, you might like to sponsor me to raise as much money as I can for this fantastic cause.

Thank you in advance.