By: Blonde One

Copyright Ordnance Survey 2017

The hills and mountains of Scotland can be very intimidating. They are high, steep, pointy and often covered in snow. To stand at the base and look up at them often makes you question your sanity before beginning to ascend. Even without the winter snow the thought of getting to the top is a daunting prospect. Not all of the hills are mountains, there are some that are much more gentle and they too are well worth investigating. As you know we are firm believers in the philosophy of ‘Get Outside’. We don’t really think it matters how you do it, or where you are, as long as you are outside enjoying the fresh air.

While I was in Scotland I was forced to have a lowland day. I decided to walk along the River Etive and was not disappointed that I did. I had the most spectacular views of the mountains all around me, I had the stunningly clear waters of the river and I had the dense forests hiding some shy creatures I’m sure. There is absolutely no shame in going for a low level walk when all those around you are striving to reach the highest peaks. As long as you are enjoying being outside that’s all that matters. 

So, don’t be put off going to area that you think is too challenging. There will always be a less arduous option that will reward you as well as a mountain top.

Just remember to #GetOutside.