By: Blonde Two

Just below Birch Tor and nearby the old tin workings there, if you look carefully, you will see a heart shaped enclosure.  This is one of four enclosures which are said to represent the four suits in a pack of cards.  As ever on Dartmoor, there is a legend about these playing cards.  This one includes the devil, a poor bloke and a foolish pact. The devil comes off best and the poor bloke gets carted off to somewhere much hotter than Dartmoor.



I had a rather weird time on Wednesday after I had taken this photo.  The Two Blondes were DofE expeditioning and carried on with their “meet and check the kids” routine but while we were doing it, everything seemed to go a bit heart-shaped.  By this, I don’t mean that either of us had a romantic encounter, it was just that I kept seeing hearts in all sorts of odd places;

First there was “field-heart, next came “stone-heart”, then “heart-in-poo”, after that we saw “horse-with-heart-brand” and so the day carried on right up to the moment when I was finally completely freaked out by “crisp-heart” that evening.  The hearts were coming so thick and fast that I didn’t get a chance to photograph all of them but here is a sample to prove my point.


Blonde One was convinced that all of these hearts were some kind of omen.  As we did not have any romantic encounters or heart attacks that day, I am not sure she was right.  I decided to look the heart phenomena up.  My findings did not show up anything very interesting – the heart shape is mathematical, occurs in nature (apparently even in poo) and, as well as representing romantic love, has been used to represent female genitalia and the sacred feminine.  It has been used in heraldry the right way up to show courage and the wrong way up to represent testicles.  Indeed, the heart shape appears to be the most confused symbol around which probably makes it a very good representation for all that is ditsy and Blonde.

I am looking forward to returning to Dartmoor and finding some more heart shapes – not sure that I want to stare at too much poo though!