By: Blonde One

Yesterday was a day full of coincidences. You might be one of those people that believes coincidences are just pure chance or you might be of the opinion that coincidences are in fact part of some bigger plan beyond our control or understanding. Whatever you think, the events of yesterday were, without doubt, a bit weird.

It all started when Blonde Two and I text each other at exactly the same time (20.43 to be precise) on Saturday evening to arrange our day. We then text each other again at exactly the same time (20.44)with a rendezvous time. We normally meet at 10.30, so you might think this would be an obvious conversation, but this time we both suggested 11.30, without any form of prior communication about it.

We set off for Foxtor Café, unaware of the coincidences to come.

While we were there Blonde Two shared with me a tweet from a lovely book purchaser who had bought the book for his 2 granddaughters who had the same names as the Blonde One and Blonde Two daughters.

Part way through the second coffee I got a tap on the shoulder only to turn around and find my Auntie Gill (it was her birthday). I didn’t know that she was a Foxtor regular.  She was there with my Uncle Les, and my very lovely cousin and his wife all the way from Germany.

Auntie Gill then told us that she has known Dave from Foxtor for ages as she used to work with him many years ago. A conversation at the till when she was buying the book went something like this:

Dave: The Two Blondes are here if you would like them to sign your book.

Auntie Gill: I know. Blonde One is my niece!

Like Dave rightly said: all the best people stick together!