By: Blonde Two

Life is good and exciting again, there is daylight, there is sunshine and there are birds. This weekend, Dartmoor was chilly in the wind, but very sunny. The best thing though, was that all of the Dartmoor birds were making their presence known.

We saw two swallows recovering on a telegraph wire from their travels. There was a meadow pipit who seemed particularly pleased to see us, and perched on a rock to sing us a song.  A buzzard hovered over the prison at Princetown.  The skylarks were like an orchestra of tiny hovering piccolos and the Brat Tor cuckoo was back and cuckooing loud and clear.

What a lovely time of year. Back at home I have to report that the seagulls are nesting on our chimney, the swift has yet to return to our air vent and Mr Blonde Two keeps getting woken up in the early hours by great tits!