By: Blonde Two

This week, the Blondes are on expedition in foreign fields (Exmoor). Here is a little something I got up to during my recent visit to New Zealand:

Mr B2 likes bike-packing. This abstemious sport involves cycling (or carrying your bike) around hilly and boggy places, carrying enough to survive a night, but not enough to make it comfortable.

He is always looking for new ways to eat. By this, I don’t mean that he has taken up grass-grazing or tree-nibbling; rather that he has been experimenting with new low weight/low bulk food to take. We have been discussing the possibility of dried food for a while; which is why I got particularly excited when I discovered that Norm had a dehydrator (desiccator sounds so much more fun!)Leaves in Dryer2

New Zealand is generally quite good at desiccating; the sun here is very hot, threatening even the most beautiful of complexions with leatherisation.

Rather than risking parching a roast beef dinner for my first attempt; I opted for: a) Drying some kaffir lime leaves to take home with me (for Thai cooking, from Norm’s tree).Leaves in Dryer

b) Turning my favourite golden kiwi fruit into a tasty, rubbery snack.Kiwi Fruit1 
Both were successful. See tomorrow’s blog for news of my meal experiment.Dried Fruit and Leaves