By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes might be a bit grouchy over the next couple of days.  Today we have some silly visitors coming to work and had to stay at work late last night to do preparations.

There is a cloud to every lining though (I am on a “Pollyanna” positive drive this week).  I rarely get my room at work to myself and have discovered that I quite like it all quiet and still. Here are a couple of things that I discovered that I could do all on my own;

1.  Sing loud songs with a chocolate biscuit sticking out of my mouth (possibly dangerous).

2.  Pass wind as often as I like (possibly smelly).

3.  Sit with my sleeping bag over my knees (possibly too cosy).

4.  Write rude words in different coloured pens all over my note pad (possibly should have destroyed that).

5.  Turn most of the lights off and pretend I am not there (possibly risking being locked in).

All good fun … see what a good Pollyanna I am (possibly grimacing!)