By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes are more than a little bit excited.  The countdown has started and it looks like, against all odds, we may be joining “Old Uncle Tom Cobley et al” at Widecombe Fair later on today.  I wrote (stole) a song about it and want to hear you girls singing it loud and clear!

Blonde One, Blonde Two, lend me your blonde hair.
All along, down along, out along lea.
For I want for to go to Widecombe Fair,
With Brenda Brewer, Jane Stewer, Petunia Gurney,
Patty Davy, Daniella Whiddon, Harriet Hawke,
Two great pairs of cobleys and all,
Two great pairs of cobleys and all.

For those of you who think the above is a bit too racy, please note that down these parts, a “cobley” is a ripe apple that is just within reach if you stand on tiptoes.

Or on the other hand, it might not be …