By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes have proved many times that we work well together. There have been times when I have been a bit grumpy and Blonde Two will take up the cheerfulness while I sort myself out. There have been numerous times when one of us has forgotten something crucial (like Jelly Babies) only to find that the other one has brought 2 packets. We have often worked out some tricky navigation over a cup of tea/Ribena. Several times I have been pondering a difficult decision only to find that Blonde Two had the perfect solution all along. We have learned over the many miles that we have covered that we are the perfect walking pair. Blonde Two confirmed when driving to the Search and Rescue base that we should always drive in close proximity too! We learned recently what happened if you left a single Jelly Baby alone in Fox Tor Cafe (it involved wicked laughter and a microwave)! Now I hope that there aren’t any microwaves up Mount Toubkal in Morocco this summer but I am a little concerned as to what might happen to me without my ‘wing man’. Who will convince me that it was a good idea? Who will make sure that I don’t get grumpy?  And how will Blonde Two manage in New Zealand without me? Will she get on the right plane? Will she get the day right?

We will have to wait and see!