By: Blonde One

We’ve blogged before about having trust in things. I have a couple of favourite sayings to do with trust whilst doing outdoorsy things: one is ‘always trust your compass’ and another is ‘ always trust…(insert name of very trustworthy person that I seem to walk with quite a lot but who must remain anonymous)’. As you know, this weekend we were out on our Bronze DofE expedition and trust came up a couple of times in a way that surprised me. At the end of the weekend our lovely assessor asked the teams what they had learned and one participant responded that she had learned that whilst out on expedition she had learned to trust her friends and more importantly, she had learned to trust herself! I thought that this was one of the best responses I had ever heard and decided that there could be no better thing to learn. If DofE teaches just a few people to have confidence in themselves then the Duke and all of us leaders would be very happy. To have faith in others must be the biggest compliment that you can pay to your friends and colleagues. Obviously it goes without saying that I have every faith in Blonde Two but I surprised myself as I realised that I had a similar faith in our 2 young leaders. That must say a lot about how brilliant these people are?! I feel very lucky to have such fab people helping me – thanks very much, you 3! (Since our identity is a secret, only 1 of the 3 will be reading!)