By: Blonde One

I too wanted to share my thoughts about the people that we have met over the last few days.

Yesterday was indeed a fantastic day where we were surrounded by amazing people. We met people who were passionate about their jobs and obviously took immense pride in their work (Richard and Rachel at the Princetown Visitor Centre and Ranger Bill), we met people who gave up numerous hours voluntarily to help someone or something else (the volunteers at the DPA), we met very creative people who crafted works of art (too many to mention), we met very generous people (Dave at Foxtor Café: thank you very much for our delicious lunch), we met very clever people (Jane Merchant: archaeologist) and we met people who had an excellent talent (Colin Pearce: farmer and poet).

As Blonde Two said it was a privilege to be amongst them.

Friday night too was an evening where we were surrounded by fantastic people. The guest speaker was Sir Antony Jinman ( the 12th Briton to ski to both North and South Poles. His speech was, in equal measure, inspiring and amazing. The DofE volunteers that were in attendance could probably clock up thousands of hours of unpaid work every year for the benefit of the participants. This last group of people, the participants, were by far the most amazing! The 14-20 year olds that were there had worked hard to achieve something great (whilst hopefully successfully keeping up with school work). A few that stood out were the young lady in an electric wheelchair, the young lady who despite finding working with others almost impossible, successfully worked as a team to complete her expedition and the Award holders who are now giving up their own time to give something back in the form of Young Leaders. The ‘youth of today’  are truly amazing!

I am in awe of all of the people that I was lucky enough to spend time with this weekend.