By: Blonde One

I have been eagerly awaiting the 10th of July for several weeks. Time seemed to drag on a most unusual way as I tried to contain my excitement for the events of the 10th. The week leading up to this date was busy enough to stop me thinking about it too much but eventually the date arrived: it was finally Friday 10th July. I drove go work with a lot more enthusiasm than usual, the walk through the corridors and up the stairs saw me with a little more spring in my step, and my colleagues noticed a more cheery greeting than they expected after returning from a 4 day expedition. It was kit delivery day! All of the team kit was arriving ready for my next trip to Morocco in (what was then) 13 days time. I had informed the office 2 weeks ago and I reminded them in the morning to expect a big parcel. I instructed them to bring it straight up to my room; I couldn’t bear the thought of it sat in their office all day. The hours ticked by with no sign of the delivery. Lunchtime came and went, the afternoon was nearly over and I was about to give up hope when there was a knock at the door; it was here.

World Challenge Logo 2

I had the perfect people with me to help check it all in: Search and Numbers. I’m pleased to feel part of their education in all things kit related as they are as keen to talk kit as I am and both of them know the Cotswolds website quite well! We have often compared deliveries but this one beat them all. Here are the highlights of the contents:

  • A robust Vango duffel bag
  • A length of brightly coloured rope
  • A throw line
  • A riding helmet (in case a ride on the grumpy mules is necessary)
  • The brightest yellow group shelter that we have ever seen. (Probably visible from space.)
  • 6 Vango tents proudly displaying the World Challenge logo. 3 x 3 man, 2 x 2 man and my very own Solo. Each one was pitched in the smallest possible space to make sure it was all there.
  • 2 very comprehensive first aid kits. We have the necessary equipment to deal with almost anything from mild headaches to much more serious things that I don’t want to think about. We have syringes, scalpels, prescription only medication and dental sets, to name a few of the contents.
  • A huge bag of paperwork which included notepads, calculator, forms, flight tickets and maps.

Search, Numbers and I had a very happy few hours and it was well worth the late finish.