By: Blonde Two

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a long time, will know that I love New Zealand and that I have a particular affinity with a specific 50 acres of it (Norm’s Place)!

When I moved to South Devon twenty years ago (yes I, Blonde Two, am a blow-in!) I realised that, by some miracle, I had made my new home, in the portion of England that is most akin to Norm’s acres. Have a look at these two pictures, and you will see what I mean, Kiwi and Pommie, they look pretty much alike!


It is, I think, the rolling hills that do it. There are differences of course; New Zealand’s landscape is newer than ours, some of its volcanic points can still be seen. The green in England is greener; but you don’t notice that until you swap between the two. The field patterns too are different, Devon does patchwork much better than New Zealand.

So in which one would I prefer to live? Well both of course!