By: Blonde One

I had no idea that the mere act of staying in a bunkhouse would create such a strong team spirit. Whilst in the Brecon Beacons this week I had the pleasure of staying in a bunkhouse. It was a very fine bunkhouse with stunning views across to a high snow covered peak. The bunkhouse itself was nicely nestled on a working farm in a cosy little valley. I had to explain to our group members what exactly a bunkhouse is as most of them had never heard of it, never mind stayed in one! It was lovely to see their faces as we arrived and they realised how social using a bunkhouse could be. The sharing aspect of bunkhouse living was exciting to them and even when we told them that we had to clean up before we left they were not put off and thoroughly enjoyed their stay. It was lovely to see in the morning a group of teenagers working together doing jobs that they would run a mile from at home! The toilets were cleaned, the floors were mopped and the kitchen was spotless. The point of our trip was to help build a team: this was exactly the outcome that this accommodation achieved. We arrived as a group of teenagers and adults who in some cases had never spoken to each other, but left as one team who worked and relaxed together.

The Two Blondes have a favourite bunkhouse and we are looking forward to staying there again soon. We have met some great people in a bunkhouse, done some very efficient planning and made earth shattering decisions: well maybe not earth shattering, but certainly important!