By: Blonde One

It gave me a warm feeling on Christmas Eve to be able to give someone advice on walking boots! I was at a very good friends party and all of a sudden I got dragged away from making polite conversation (about the Torquay Ski Club as it happens) to find the hosts daughter rummaging under the christmas tree and unwrapping a present! The present turned out to be her new pair of boots on which my advice was being sought. The recipient of the boots then proceeded to put them on, which looked surprisingly good with her sparkly party dress and ask if the ankle support was good enough! I admit it was a bizarre situation but I did feel flattered at being asked. We decided that the ankle support was lower than ideal but not so low that the boots had to be returned to Father Christmas. The boots were lovely and I did have boot envy (even though I don’t actually need boots at the moment as you know).

It is very important to get the right ankle support for your boots as the Two Blondes know all too well, so make sure you get your boots properly fitted (Dartmoor Rambler in Exeter are excellent).