By: Blonde Two

I am lucky enough to have a biggish house (three growing teenagers necessitated its purchase). It is a lovely one with many rooms in which I can work. Both Two Blondes Walking and Fi Darby Freelance are managed from the kitchen, the spare room, the downstairs office, the lounge and even the bedroom. This freedom to choose is one of the many joys of freelance working, I could even do it from Norm’s farm in New Zealand if I wanted to. Talk about flexible working, this week I have had at least 2 days when I started at 4 am, not because I had to but because I was awake and felt like it.

I have also been doing a fair amount of copywriting work in the garden. I have to discipline myself in case my ‘Get Outside’ persona becomes entangled with my ‘Earn Some Money’ persona and either implodes or goes back inside and earns no money whatsoever, but if I allow myself a little bit of garden pottering or watering in between jobs it all seems to work out.

On Saturday I was doing rather more gardening than writing (this time Blonde blog posts) and was very happy doing so. It became tricky however to continue with the writing element of this arrangement when drops of rain started falling on my laptop. I am quite happy to stay outside in the rain but my laptop, I suspect isn’t. Unwilling to abandon my ‘Get Outside’ persona completely I moved a chair and myself into the greenhouse. I asked my seedlings if they minded first and none of them objected to the invasion.

I can see why plants grow so well in a greenhouse, being there made me very happy, I was sheltered from the wind but still had a gentle breeze on my face and the temperature (I left the door open) was just on the dozy side of warm.

When I am a recognised author with my own copywriting empire (I don’t really want an empire) I will have one of those summer house shed things with a desk and wood burner. That will maybe make me even happier, but for now I think the greenhouse is a great Get Outside option and I am considering moving a desk in for the winter!