By: Blonde One

I’ve recently received this book, written by Lina and Adelia Belle Beard, as an early Christmas present and it’s absolutely brilliantly funny. It’s not supposed to be funny, it’s supposed to be a very sensible and useful guide for the ‘tomboy out there who would rather be on the trail than tied to the kitchen sink’! It was first published in 1914 and provided hints on how to make an outdoor dressing table and how to play Sunday games for a quiet day in camp. Very useful I’m sure you agree?!

Here’s a few of the funniest highlights …

What to wear on the trail

Leave corsets at home; they have no place in the outdoor life. Allow no one to persuade you to take old clothes to camp. Brown or dark grey are the best colours for the forest. Avoid wearing metal buttons, buckles or anything that shines or sparkles. Well-fitting bloomers should have a deep pocket sewed across the front of each leg.

How to build a camp dressing table

Find the side piece of a wooden box and fasten it to the tree trunk. Cut two rustic braces and nail them to the shelf. It is not essential that the shelf fits perfectly to the rounded tree but if you desire it so, mark a semi circle on the wood and whittle it out.

Treatment for snake bites


The bite of a snake is to be by all means avoided. Twist a tourniquet above the wound very tightly. Slash the wound or stab it with a clean knife and force it to bleed copiously. Give a stimulant in small doses to stimulate the heart and lungs and strengthen the nerves. If you have with you an anti-venomous serum, inject it as directed by the accompanying formula.

Have a look at what you should actually do here.

It’s such a hilarious book! No doubt I will be using it as a companion to keep me from being tied to the kitchen sink or any other household appliance, and make sure I don’t inadvertently wear the wrong clothing while I’m out demonstrating my tomboy status!