By: Blonde One

Last Friday was the first outing for a DofE group for 2015 and it was a new trial for me. I have tried several different methods of training: classroom and bunkhouses residential. This time, for my fab Gold group I took them on the moors for a day walk. ‘Sounds easy’, I thought to myself. Well that was until the man in charge of the weather got involved. (On the Isle of Man he was called Neil.)

I had a lovely plan A: Okehampton, High Willhayes (the group wanted to go to the highest point on Devon), Dinger Tor (one of the Young Leaders wanted to find a lost rib! (long story)), then a nice easy walk back along the army tracks.

I had to resort to plan B (Haytor area) when the icy cold temperatures threatened snow, gusts of wind from the North West threatened 60mph and a participant was recovering from an illness and needed to be closer to home.

The weather continued to be difficult so I settled on Plan C (Yarner Woods, not so high up on the moors). As the forecast worsened, plan D was introduced (Parke, on the very edge of Dartmoor). The icy road forecast turned to a Weather Warning for Devon, so plan E was devised (Stover Country Park, on the outskirts of town). By this time I had also decided to take the maps for the area local to our school just in case we should reach plan F (no minibus).

I should have known that when we awoke in the morning the bad weather had not quite materialised and we went back to plan B!

I don’t think I have ever done so much planning for a single day trip before!