By: Blonde One

‘Be prepared’ is the motto that Blonde Two and I were brought up with, and we certainly like to stand by it still. We try to be organised by having lists, rehearsals and lots of practice. We have practised lots of things: navigation (obviously), speeches to large and small audiences, and writing, to name a few.

Recently however I’ve been practising with something new. I’ve been trying to get my cold hand situation right ready for my next trip Munro bagging.


  • I’ve tried big, big thick waterproof gloves but discovered that they’re far too bulky and don’t allow enough movement.
  • I’ve tried my normal thinner waterproof gloves, with and without a disposable handwarmer. This didn’t work as the handwarmer wouldn’t fit and my hands, in particular my fingertips, ended up freezing.
  • The attempt at wearing normal woollen ‘girl’ gloves didn’t work as my hands were cold and wet.
  • I purchased some silk liners for use with the thinner waterproof gloves. This nearly worked except that my fingertips still got cold. I also managed to ruin the liners on the Velcro of my coat!


Thanks to my very lovely friend Numbers I have found the solution! When I hit the mountains of Glencoe in a few months I will have warm and toasty hands and fingertips. Here’s how:

I will wear some (new) silk liners, some excellent waterproof mittens (leant to me by Numbers) and I will have a handwarmer in between the two that will go all the way down to my fingertips. When I need to carry out fiddly tasks I can take off the mittens with the handwarmer inside, and still not get frostbite because of the (already warmed) liners. Putting them back on will be easy as there’s no faffing around getting individual fingers in individual places.

It’s perfect don’t you think?