By: Blonde One

When we planned our walk up Kinder Scout (the highest point in the Peak District and indeed the East Midlands) we expected it to be an excellent walking day. We expected to have tired legs after walking up Jacob’s Ladder, we expected to see a pool with perhaps a mermaid swimming in and we expected to see lots of peat. What we didn’t expect to see was an upside down waterfall! The waterfall of 30 metres, that’s a few kilometres further on than Kinder Low trig point, is Kinder Downfall but on this occasion it should have been named Kinder Upfall as the wind was whipping it uphill. It was a very strange thing to see and was attracting lots of onlookers, including us. Apparently it is quite common for this to happen when there’s a strong west wind. Despite the wind being a bit annoying we were quite glad it was as strong as it was!