By: Blonde Two

Well, to be strictly honest with you, it isn’t my axe, it belongs to Mr Blonde Two. But I did buy it, it was a very special present and is a Granfors Bruks small splitting axe.

Axe Table

I am very honoured that he has allowed me to borrow what is definitely one of his most favourite things. I am under strict orders not to let anyone else play with it, and have had some practice at home.

I don’t usually need to pack an axe to take to Dartmoor; this is good because axes are heavy, it is bad because I love camp fires. In fact, the only thing wrong with a Dartmoor wild camp (apart from the rain, the ice, the wind, the mist and the scary ponies) is that camp fires are forbidden (for very good reasons).

Axe Rucksack

I am looking forward, while we are on Exmoor this week, to revisiting some of my old Scouting skills and doing a bit of camp fire making. Let’s hope I don’t chop my leg off in the process!