By: Blonde Two

Over here in New Zealand, they have news at six o’clock just like we do. It would seem rude not to sit and watch it. A couple of stories are registering as ‘awesome’ on the ‘sweet as’ stakes at the moment.

1. The Rugby. When the Kiwi TV programmers allocate time to news stories; I think it is the law that they give rugby (mostly the All Blacks) at least half of the available slot. I don’t have anything against rugby, and prefer their legs to those of footballers; but really, do we actually need to know exactly where the Webb Ellis Cup is every minute of every day?

2. Flags. New Zealand is still part of the Commonwealth; they have a Governor General to represent the Queen. The New Zealand flag currently looks like this.NZ Flag

Which I am sure that you will agree, is a lovely combination of our flag and the Southern Cross; or maybe I am being just that bit too traditional and too colonial. Anyway, New Zealand is currently in the process of reconsidering their flag. There is about to be referendum which will choose the official alternative flag. The candidates are below; all attractive, I am sure that you will agree. I love the fact that the process is called, ‘The Flag Consideration Project’.Flag Consideration Project

But the flag saga is more exciting than this. There is a wild-flag waiting in the wings; it is causing consternation and has become the subject of much political debate in the House of Representatives. This interloper has been christened ‘Red Peak’, which confused me because my English ears initially thought that it was, ‘Red Pig’ (I wouldn’t put this past the Kiwis with their love of the unusual).redpeak

Personally I hope that New Zealand keeps their existing flag, and continues their close relationship with the UK. That said, I am designing a ‘Red Pig’ alternative in my head.