By: Blonde One

My life seems to be dominated by compasses lately. I don’t mind at all; I quite like compasses of all sorts. There’s the obvious Silva type compass that I love to use and teach others to use.

On a walk to the South Hams this summer I wandered past a lovely cottage that was nestled nicely into the hillside and woodland that went by the name of Compass Cottage. I decided that I should like to live there!


The latest trip to the Isles of Scilly had Mr Blonde One and I marvelling at the jellyfish that we found floating in some of the clear waters off the islands. They are fascinating to watch but we didn’t really know much about them (apart from the fact that we didn’t want to swim with them!). I did some research when we got home and discovered that they were Compass jellyfish. They are interesting creatures as I discovered that they always have 16 dark v-shaped lines, they change their sex from male to female as they mature and they fire their sting in a ‘harpoon’ way!

20160823_115419 20160823_115531

I don’t think I want to spend as much time with them as the other 2 types of compass!