By: Blonde Two

We Blondes feel that it is about time we told you about our next imminent birth. Not of a baby, you understand, that (although fun at the time) would not fit in with current Blonde Plans at all.

No, we are about to bring forth our next children’s picture book. Not so much a sequel, more a baby brother to ‘The Dartmoor Christmas Tree’. The illustrations are in and Mr B2 has been working very hard on the design work (clever chap!) We are very excited! It is called … oh no, I can’t tell you that yet. It is about … sorry, that is classified information too.  The pictures are … well, they are lovely but that is all you need to know!

One thing that I can tell you though, is that it is a book that will make people want to find things (how very Blonde) and it might even venture off Dartmoor (but only a little bit!)

There is going to be a launch in October … but we can’t tell you about that yet either.

We are sorry to be so vague (we aren’t really, it is fun!) Here is a sneak preview by way of a non-apology!

3 wind (Kit Rocks)