By: Blonde Two

On Saturday I tried yet another experiment in “clothes for walking” – I wore a dress!

This daring fashion move wasn’t strictly speaking a “decision”.  It came about because I wanted to go shopping before my walk and I wanted to wear my new black linen dress to the shops. The walk part of my day was kind of an afterthought and I had shoved a bottle of water, walking boots and socks in the car boot just before departure.

After my fill of shopping, I felt a bit odd leaning on the car and changing from my girlie sandals into my boots and socks.  Once I had rearranged my attire, I probably looked a bit odd too.  I avoided anything with a reflection but, looking down I could see a pair of rather large looking knees (is this a common walking phenomenon?), some very white (but thankfully smooth) legs and then an enormous pair of boots.  I didn’t worry too much about all of this as I was still very near to Narnia (or Totnes as you might know it) where anything vaguely related to clothing usually goes.

As soon as I set off, I could feel the one obvious benefit to the hot-day, no-trouser approach to walking – there was a lovely breeze around my nether regions.  Excuse me for a moment for being less than lady-like in my discussion but I would like to make this point – we girls have places that get sweaty that we are not even allowed to mention to each other.  Modern society appears to have dictated that it is now acceptable for women to have sweaty faces, backs and even armpits but even hint at a bit of sweat down below and you will be a pariah for life.  See girls, I am right – the boys reading this will all be pulling faces by now.  Enough said! – but a dress on a breezy day has a wonderful impact on this problem and I strode along feeling very free and bohemian.

I hesitate now to mention the other obvious issue with no-trousered walking but in the interests of science, feel that I should – the word I am going to whisper to you is “chafing”.  I watched a film recently and the actress’ legs were so well toned that they didn’t meet at all at the top.  My legs are not this well behaved and do have a habit of rubbing together when I try to walk in short shorts.  I was expecting the same with a dress but was pleasantly surprised at the level of comfort I achieved.

So now I have used the words “sweat” and chafe” in the same blog post, I will go with my head hung in shame.  Will I be walking in a dress again?  Yes, I hope so – it made me feel girly and it I feel the need to test this particular haute couture out up on Dartmoor as well.

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