By: Blonde One

We Blondes are very lucky. We are lucky for many many reasons and we are always thankful that we have so many positive things in our lives. Apart from our fabulous families and careers that we love, we are often surrounded by other people that are inspirational, kind or just plain lovely. This weekend we had another day when we met and got to know better some more ladies who were lovely. We ran two taster navigation courses on Dartmoor. As with some of our previous workshops these two were for ladies only. But this time they were for the ladies of my new school, Trinity in Teignmouth. The Headteacher is very enthusiastic about encouraging the whole school community to Get Outside and not just the students, so we ran a session in the morning for the staff and a session in the afternoon for the families. I think it’s fair to say that everyone enjoyed themselves and Blonde Two and I were really happy at the end of the day to have worked with a great group of ladies.


There was lots of learning involved: pacing, compass work, contours, grid references, bearings, estimations and lots more. They all picked it up really quickly and some surprised themselves with how much they enjoyed it and how easy it was to master the basics of map and compass work. There was also a good deal of chatting and laughing involved.

We enjoyed our day a lot and from the sound of it our ladies had a good time too. I hope they all manage to get themselves back up onto the moors to practise some of their new skills and show off to their friends and families how clever they are.

As always our thanks go to Ordnance Survey for their loan of compasses.