By: Blonde One

Copyright: Ordnance Survey 2017 and 2017

There’s one thing you can rely on teenagers for, and that’s finding tools online to help make life quicker and easier. The latest gadget that the Trinity Gold DofE team have introduced me to has saved them loads of time making their route cards and would have saved me hours and hours if I had known about it in the past.

It’s an online compass that will tell you the bearing from one point to another. As with all technology, it’s important to be able to use a compass the manual way, but when you know that you can, why not save yourself some time?

All you have to do with this compass is line up the baseplate between your 2 points and then read the bearing that’s displayed in the top right corner of the screen. Simple!

Beware though, it uses OS 1:50000 maps so the bearing is only accurate to a certain extent.