By: Blonde One

Even when sat at a desk (or dining table) an activity involving Dartmoor can be enjoyable. I am just in the process of trying to find cheap camp sites for groups of kids for an expedition next year and it is amazing the properties that the internet throws up that I had no idea were even there! Tor Royal Farm in Princetown for instance looks amazing with its camping at just a few pounds per night and inviting looking B&B (for the Two Blondes possibly!). Brimpts Farm at Dartmeet too sits on the banks of the River Dart and looks very inviting (although perhaps not after all the rain that we have just had here in Devon). They even serve cream teas which would be a crime to miss. Similar campsites seem all to be in the region of just a few pounds per night and I’m sure will be a welcome alternative to the more commercial sites off the moors. I’m looking forward to testing them out next year with Blonde Two