By: Blonde Two

Somebody out there will have the answer to this problem.  There is a hole on Dartmoor that I can’t find.  Now I have found many Dartmoor holes over the years; holes to twist your ankle in, holes to shelter in and holes in my map (very inconvenient), but this hole has, so far, escaped me.

If you look at the map of the Haytor area, just below Smallacombe Rocks the map marks Hole Rock.  Exciting you might think, an investigative navigator’s dream come true, and it would be apart from the fact that there are lots and lots of rocks and a fair few of them have what could be described as holes in them.

I have spent many pleasant walks mooching around the area looking for holes.  In my Blonde head, there is a tall upright rock somewhere with a hole big enough for me to stick my head through (could be awkward if I got it stuck!)  I haven’t found it yet. Blonde One and I thought we were at the right place earlier this week but subsequent internet research has cast doubt in my head.  There is a lovely hole at Smallacombe Rocks through which you can take photos if you feel so inclined.Hole Smallacombe RocksHere is another nearby hole but if this is it, I will be very disappointed.DSC_0992Somebody, somewhere must know the answer to this puzzle or maybe the map makers were just having a bit of fun and liked the idea of poor bewildered Blondes wandering around hole seeking.