By: Blonde Two

Last week’s Tuesday sea swim this week was a near-perfect one. The sun was sparkling across the surface and the water was clear enough for me to be able to enjoy the wriggly lines in the sand on the bottom through the similarly patterned lines of light that were shooting through the water.

I was just communing with the seagrass and congratulating it for flowering so beautifully underwater when I noticed something that wasn’t water, sand or seagrass, it was a tennis ball. Not so unusual I guess, on a beach that is popular with dogs. What was unusual, however, was that wasn’t the first to find this particular tennis ball; Mr Crab had got there before me. Mr Crab was doing his absolute best to pick up the tennis ball, which was bigger than him, but clearly very interesting. He noticed me eventually, which wasn’t a shame because, as soon as he did, he scurried off into the blue.

Featured image by Ju Lewis