By: Blonde Two

Blonde research suggests that 2015 is going a lot faster than either 2013 or 2014 did. We are on April already and I swear that the day before yesterday was April Fools’ day.

Anyway, quickly and before it is May, I want to tell you about our Aprilery Blondfoolery. You will have noticed, because you are extra-clever people, that we Blondes did not really change into brunettes on April the First.  That was just our jolly way of having a jape with you.

What we did do, on April First, was be in a bunkhouse, packing up to leave, with a lot of young people looking for Aprilery Youngfoolery to have. The desire to be foolish, as you can imagine, did delay our departure somewhat.

To start off with there were missing bags mysteriously turning up in leaders’ rooms. The resulting running around and retrieving was prolonged because hidee’s bags then had to be hidden … ad infinitum (well nearly!)

It was as we reached the nearest point to infinitum that a Blonde can get without becoming grumpy, that we Blondes decided to follow our own little Aprilery Blondfoolery plan.  Having finally got all of the youngsters and all of their bags packed onto the minibus, we and the Young Leaders enacted a little, ‘Oh my goodness, the minibus won’t start.’ scenario. If you had heard us, you would have given us all Oscars for a performance that was so convincing, it had all of the youngsters and their bags out of the bus and resignedly walking the long road into Princetown.

To be fair to them, they did this without complaining. That is, until Blonde One drove the bus past them, with the Young Leaders waving and calling ‘April Fool.’ There were a few that didn’t smile, but we Blondes did!