By: Blonde One

Weather Vanes

During this last lockdown I, like many people, have been walking the local streets noticing interesting and unusual things about the area that I haven’t noticed before.

I decided to try and find some weather vanes on one particular walk and found it particularly difficult; there were none to be found! I ventured into streets that had particularly large houses thinking that this might be the answer but no such luck. I have only found 2 (plus one at school) after many weeks of looking.

Is google to blame for this? Or the Met Office? Why is it that we do not need to know the direction of the wind any more? Surely if you are having a barbecue or a bonfire you need to know which neighbours to warn about the smoke.

One of the ones I did see was adorned with a badger and the other had lost it’s top! But I definitely saw none of the traditional cocks that used to adorn the tops to give them their alternative name of weather cocks. A bit of research helped me to discover the reason that they used to have cocks/roosters on top. It was linked to the Biblical story of Peter’s denial of Jesus three times before the rooster crowed, thus was chosen as the decoration for churches as a suitable symbol of Christianity.