By: Blonde One

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Some birthday presents come in prettily wrapped packages with bows and ribbons, some come in a bottle and some come in the form of a voucher. I have just spent one such voucher given to me by Mr Blonde One and Little Miss Blonde. I have eagerly awaiting the day for quite some time. There have been a variety of vouchers pass through my hands in the form of birthday presents (I’m very lucky): lunch, manicures, theatre tickets, massage, for instance. This one beat all of those put together. I received a voucher for a Land Rover Experience Day!

The day was spent in a Range Rover Sport playing in the woods near to Honiton. The whole experience was fantastic fun and to be recommended. Check out the website if you’re tempted.

I love my own Land Rover so I knew that I would enjoy the day but I didn’t realise quite how much I would enjoy it. I shared the car with Craig and our instructor Freddie. Freddie talked us through the technology of the vehicle and then let us loose to have a go. We went down slopes that looked impossibly slippery, we drove through water that surely was too deep, we bumped through holes, lumps and ditches, we summited hills that we couldn’t see the top of and we drove at angles that felt as if we would definitely tip over. If Freddie ever gave me the choice to go for the easier or harder option I always went for the harder one and never regretted it. It was the best fun I have had for a long time and left me wanting more.

If you’re wondering why the title of this blog post … apparently the target market for Land Rover vehicles these days is the ‘active achiever’! I think I quite like it.