By: Blonde Two

Yesterday we started our ‘Are you an outdoor woman?‘ challenge. Here are the answers to yesterday’s ‘What’s in your rucksack?’ questions. You should have answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but read the answers carefully.

What’s in your outdoors bag?

  1. A waterproof coat? – Well done, it is true that bikinis are also outdoor kit but let’s face it, the outdoors is mostly about rain! (1 Girl Point for the coat plus 1 Girl Point for also having waterproof trousers)
  2. A survival bag? – No this isn’t a type of handbag, a survival bag is something that you can climb into if you get cold, wet or a bit tearful out on the hills. You definitely need one. (1 Girl Point for the survival bag, 1 Girl Point for realising that it makes a great seat on a wet day.)
  3. A compass? – Well obviously we think this is necessary how else will you avoid directional challenge? (1 Girl Point for having a compass in your bag, 1 Girl Point for knowing how to use it!)
  4. A map? – Again, we would say that wouldn’t we? However you would be missing out on a whole lot of fun if you didn’t have one. (1 Girl Point for having a map in your outdoor bag, 1 Girl Point if it is the right one for the area you are in at this exact moment!)
  5. A tampon? – Most girls have several of these in each of their (many) bags, but tampons have extra uses when you are outdoors. (1 Girl Point for having a tampon, 1 Girl Point if you have ever used one to light a fire.)
  6. Lip salve? – In our Blonde experience, you are unlikely to meet tall handsome strangers who smell nice enough to kiss out on the hills, but you never know and it always pays to be prepared. (1 Girl Point for lip salve, 1 Girl Point for clothes peg for nose)
  7. Sun cream? – You think sun cream is to protect your skin don’t you. Well it does a good job of that (if you can find some sun) but did you know that it is also great for cleaning marks off your map? (1 Girl Point for sun cream plus 1 Girl Point if you ever put marks on your map).
  8. Spare boot laces? – Boot laces do break and when they do, you might as well be wearing bananas on your feet. (1 Girl Point for spare laces plus 1 Girl Point if you know how to tie a bowline with it.)
  9. A knife? – Knives are very useful but do you have one that can also open your wine at the end of the day? (1 Girl Point for the knife, 1 Girl Point for the corkscrew!)
  10. A bobble hat? – There is a quiet controversy brewing over bobble hats. They look fab but really aren’t practical for proper hill days. Nobody likes a soggy bobble! (1 Girl Point for having a warm hat, 1 Girl Point for using that knife to cut the bobble off it!)

By Blonde mathematics that should give you a possible 20 points. Here are our recommendations:

0 – 7 Girl Points – Stop work right now and head off outside. You need a bit of additional outdoorsing!

8 – 15 Girl Points – You do get outdoors fairly often but are maybe sometimes a bit under-equipped, try topping your bag up a bit, the extra weight will be good for you!

15 – 20 Girl Points – Well done, you are an outdoor girl and deserve a piece of cake (shame you didn’t pack one!)

Tomorrow we will be continuing our ‘Are you an outdoor woman?’ quest for answers with an Ordnance Survey based challenge entitled, ‘What’s on a map?’ Be there or be at the top of a mountain!