By: Blonde Two

Every now and again a girl should stop and ask herself a few life-questions. These would include such quandaries as:

  1. Is a baby belly cuddly or just in the way?
  2. Do I really need to wear mascara?
  3. Am I allowed to admit that I prefer chips to sex?
  4. Is hoovering strictly necessary for happiness?
  5. How big are big pants allowed to be?

You know the kind of thing… well I hope you do because if you don’t that makes me a bit weird. What the list above doesn’t include however, is one of the most important questions of all:

Am I an outdoor woman?

We Blondes thought we would help you to find the answer to this most existential of questions so we have composed a series of pertinent daily self-examination exercises. You will get these over the next few days (sorry blokes – but you are welcome to play along). Here is our first challenge (comments and scores tomorrow):

What’s in your rucksack? (Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’)

  1. A waterproof coat?
  2. A survival bag?
  3. A compass?
  4. A map?
  5. A tampon?
  6. Lip salve?
  7. Sun cream?
  8. Spare boot laces?
  9. A knife?
  10. A bobble hat?