By: Blonde Two

Well we have come to the end of our ‘Are you an outdoor woman?’ set of blog posts. We have just one more (hopefully thought provoking) set of questions for you and then you can decide for yourself can’t you. Being an outdoor woman isn’t something that has a strict set of rules or guidelines, if you love the outdoors, you get out into it as often as you can and you do your best to look after it, then you are an outdoor woman and you deserve all the health, enjoyment and general contentment that this brings along with it. Have fun and #GetOutside!

Here are some questions to hopefully make you ponder, we recommend sitting at the top of a hill and reading them:

  1. Have you stood/sat/lain at the top of a hill/by a river/on the beach and wanted to stay there for ever?
  2. Have you ever sung for sheer joy just because you are outside?
  3. Has something you have seen or experienced in the outdoors ever moved you to tears?
  4. Would you like to swap your desk job for an outside one? (Even in the rain?)
  5. When you come back from being outside do you feel more relaxed, more creative and more accepting of your lot?
  6. Have you ever introduced somebody else to the outdoors and watched them experience the same feelings as you?
  7. If you could choose somewhere to spend your very last moments, would it be outside?
  8. How does a long view from a high place make you feel?
  9. Does it matter if you have to stop 5 times when you are walking up a hill?
  10. How do the words, ‘adventurer’, ‘explorer’ and ‘wanderer’ make you feel?