By: Blonde One

This is what you are supposed to ask a patient who is coughing, spluttering and going blue before administering first aid. How a choking person is supposed to reply other than by coughing, spluttering and going blue is beyond me! This first aid course was reassuring in that (for a change) none of the procedures had changed from the last course 3 years ago. It’s good to know that finally they have come up with a set of guidelines that are agreed to be the best course of action! I have been reminded of breaks, burns and blisters, heat stroke, hypothermia and hip dislocation. The morbid topics were relieved slightly when we got out of the classroom and spent some time practising our skills on the moors. Even on a first aid course the moors are still a wonderful place to be and certainly beats being at work!

So … are you choking? No, just already gagging for more Dartmoor fresh air.