By: Blonde Two

“Are you going swimming?”

This question, in certain circumstances, is a perfectly reasonable one. However yesterday morning it seemed a bit odd for a few reasons:


1. It was six thirty.
2. I was at the beach not the pool.
3. It was dark.
4. I could see my breath.
5. I was cold even in my ultra-thick down coat.
6. I was talking to a complete stranger.
7. The stranger was riding a bike.
8. He was not wearing swimwear.

Luckily I had got it right and this very lovely chap was one of a group of wild swimmers I had gone to the beach to meet. I had hesitated to ask the question and was fully prepared for him to:

1. Say no and look askance at me.
2. Say no and ride off looking scared.
3. Ride straight past me because I sounded like a weirdo.

It appears that the question, “Are you going swimming?” has become a regular part of my vocabulary.

I had my swim (you may notice the start of a new addiction here) and loved it. The water is currently warmer than the air.

I am reliably informed that this may not be the case in February