By: Blonde Two

I don’t know about you but as winter approaches I find myself in danger of over snuggling. Snuggling, which usually involves open fires, sofas and good books, is a good thing but over snuggling can leave a girl short on exercise, in danger of eating too much and a bit low in the mood department. Winter days are short (bring on the solstice) leaving many of us with little time to get outside in the daylight. If you haven’t got time for a long walk, we have five small ways to Get Outside this winter.

Drink a cup of tea in the garden

My neighbours probably think I am mad but I have been known to take my cup of tea (not instant white tea) outside in the rain, the wind, and even the dark. Wrapped up warm, I am of the firm belief that the time it takes to drink a cup of tea is just enough time to clear my head after a busy few hours writing. If you don’t have a garden, how about a camping cup and the nearest bench (my nearest bench has a sea view, my garden doesn’t).

Go on a spring hunt

You have heard of Spring Watch, which very sensibly happens in the spring. Well, spring search (especially if you live in Devon) starts to happen before winter. Go outside (anywhere will do) and have a look for signs of spring. These could be buds on a tree, bulbs poking throw the earth or even (as I found this weekend) newly formed catkins. You don’t have to walk far or be outside for very long. Spring is out there (unless perhaps you live in Norway).

Collect pine cones

There are only so many pine cones you can stuff into the average jacket pocket so put a bag into your pocket instead and be prepared to start collecting. Pine cones are great for fire-starting, look fabulous as decorations and often make a room smell delicious. Be warned about collecting though, you will probably end up staying outside longer than you planned to.

Invite someone on a winter picnic

Blonde One and I love winter picnics. There is something really special about eating slightly chilly dinner outside when you know that every sensible person is enjoying a roast at the pub. Winter picnics need to include something warm so pack a hot drink or take a stove. Wear plenty of clothes, take something insulating to sit on and find yourself a tor, tree or mountain to huddle behind. If you are brave enough and know how to navigate in the dark, there really isn’t much that can beat a winter middle-of-nowhere picnic.

Take a multi-hat selfie tour

If you are anything like us Blondes, you have more than a few warm winter hats stuffed away somewhere. How about getting them all out and taking them on a walk around the block. Stop every now and again, put on a different hat and take a selfie. For maximum insta-impact publish your photos at the same time, perhaps even in a montage. A variation on this would be to don your pyjamas, add multiple (clashing) layers, set off on your walk and remove one layer for each photo. This does have the disadvantage that you will end the walk in your pyjamas but you won’t have to get changed when it is time for bed. Careful planning is necessary for this one to make sure that you don’t end up walking home in rather less than your PJs!

Now admittedly some the of the ideas above are a bit silly but I am sure you will agree that they all serve one purpose, and that is to get you outdoors enjoying the fresh air. Once you have got used to finding strange reasons to Get Outside you will probably be hooked. You will almost certainly also enjoy your snuggling even more.

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