By: Blonde Two

Happy Friday Blondees and Blondettes!  The Two Blondes are mightily relieved that this particular Friday has arrived and looking forward to a nice long weekend (I can’t confess to you exactly how long it is).

Yesterday was a very busy but satisfying day with work stuff, route planning stuff (always a pleasure with our fab youngsters), store sorting stuff (again!), minibus practice stuff (well done Blonde One) and quiz stuff.

Lots to tell you but let me tell you about the quiz stuff first.  We were joining up with three of the lovely lads from Ashburton Dartmoor Rescue to make up a quiz team at a quiz raising money for Age UK Exeter.  Inevitably, one thing led to another and the Two Blondes ended up arriving fashionably late but we did remember to bring our Lego mascots – Two Blonde Dartmoor Rescue Girls!  I won’t tell you who else had Lego in their pockets.


A great time was had by all and thanks for our invite from Cafe 36 in St Thomas.  We didn’t win the quiz but did very well indeed on one particular round.  “Was it the Dartmoor Tors round?”, I hear you ask. No, there wasn’t one of those.  “Was it the map reading challenge?” not one of those either. “Then surely it was the “How to lose a Blonde on Dartmoor round?”, no, although we would definitely have won that.  No indeed dear Blondees and Blondettes, the round that we very nearly won was the “Name that Cake” round.  Clearly, a quiz team made up of Dartmoor Rescue fellas and Two Blondes has a high level of expertise on all things gateaux.  If any of my New Zealand friends and family are reading today, the winning stroke was my in depth knowledge of the Lamington and the Pavlova – thanks Kiwis!

So next time you need to be rescued out on Dartmoor, make sure that it is over on the East side of the moor and when the lads (and lasses) arrive, ask them if they have any cake with them.  I am reliably informed that it is an essential element of their kit!